Endodontic Consultants of San Antonio Website Redesign and Informational Videos

Written by Lennie Nelson on November 21, 2012

Full Nelson Productions was asked to by the Doctors at Endodontic Consultants of San Antonio to “bring our website up to date.”  WIth a site that had sat dormant for many years, this was quite a fun project.  After discussing exactly how they wanted their site perform, we nailed down 3 key features it must contain.

  1. Introduce the Doctors.  We decided to do this using a short video to help establish a personal relationship with the patient.  We worked with the doctors to develop a short script that would welcome and comfort patients referred to the practice.  We enhanced this by providing biographical information about each doctor, including personal notes in their profile.
  2. Establish the professional expertise of the practice.  To do this, another video was used.  This time highlighting all of the advanced technology used in the office.  Backing this up, we incorporated additional qualifications pertinent to the doctors, including their teaching, writing and speaking experience, thereby establishing them as authorities in their field.
  3. Patient Forms.  By integrating with their existing backend documentation system, patients are able to fill out their forms online, saving them time in the office.  One problem with their old site was that patients were not able to easily find this.  Using a good design, we were able to graphically attract the viewer and lead them to this very important area.

Now that their new site is up and running, their patients will be better informed and prepared for their visit.


Here are the 2 videos we produced for them.

Introductory Video

Technology Video


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